Auwn Muhammad


hello i'm auwn from pakistan . i just love to interact with people from everywhere that's something my hobby .
and i'm 19 years old studying ACCA

and i've strong belief on revolution ,,when i talk about revolution then it's basically by act not by words , we all have courage to bring it ,it's my belief but you need to grow yourself and it's usually start from low and uneducated class ,, it's worst .. idon't believe this because it's another name of replacing corrupt ruler to another corrupt ..true revolution is that when a philos0phor comes to bring change in the society and it was happened in the history only one time and i believe it can come again ,,but first yo need a situation ..circumstances to bring it !!
on the upper paragraph just shared my personal views you have right to contradict

and in this era i get addictive of music "music " a real music , usually i listen soft music , qawali ,, and instrumental music " addiction with that you can't even imagine .. rabab with tabla is my 1st preference !!

i'm also social freak ,,in social networking i mostly use twitter @auwn_goormani

and i would love to go abroad for study . although i love my land too much but here i have different view according to me you will learn better if you are living outside your home ,,it have major role in personality grooming ..that's why i want to go !! so keep cross your finger

and my blog

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    • student of ACCA in CFE group of colleges