Arman Uygur

Student and Analyst in Worcester, Massachusetts

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Hello there :)

I live in Watertown, MA and I cant really say it is my favorite city in the world but I believe there is a reason why I m here for a while :)

I have a broad music taste ranging from early 1700s to late 90s. Jazz (especially gypsy, acid and smooth jazz), blues, hard rock/80s, symphonic metal, progressive rock/metal, house, lounge and new age genres are my favorite. I can listen and like any instrumental music but I can't guarantee about music with lyrics.

I have played classical guitar for a while. My main focus was Francesco Tarrega and J. S. Bach. I later switched to electrical guitar, having inspired by Eric Clapton, David Gilmour and Gary Moore. I quit playing guitar when I saw I can't play as good as 80s crazy guitarists and there was no point spending all my time to get that level because it is not my priority in my life. I still casually play some pieces :)

For the upcoming academic year, I ll be studying MS Data Science program at Columbia. NYC has full of exciting opportunities and I am hoping to gain life-changing experiences. I currently work for a management consulting firm, exclusively working in the higher education industry.

Feel free to send me an email, I would gladly help you :)

A nice piece of music

  • Education
    • Worcester Polytechnic Institute
    • Columbia University