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Background/ ContextFollowing the African Union consultation with youth on the Agenda 2063, in Hamamet, Tunisia in November 2013 and the recommendations and inputs of the working groups, it was proposed that a monitoring mechanism is set up. In line with this, the participants found it urgent to establish a working group to explore ways of enhancing awareness at the continental level, of the African Union’s programmes and activities at the continental level. We expressed our desire to see in 2063 an integrated Africa where pupils at school can sing the African Union anthem, where youth are involved in the drafting of policies and take active part in the implementation and monitoring process. This TOR is drafted to clarify the role and the mission of each working group in order to start implementing the resolution that was adopted in Hamamet in November 2013.

The topics discussed in working group format in Hamamet were: • African Integration, Pan Africanism and Free movement • Youth Participation and Governance • Employment and Entrepreneurship • Peace Building • Environment, Climate Change and Food Security
• Access to youth friendly health services • Quality Education and Skills Development • Marginalized Youth and Youth with Disability

The African Union Youth Working Group (AUYWG) adopted the thematic groups for follow up to make sure that the recommendations made were adhered to, monitored and evaluated to measure results.