annabel 🌹

Student in Praha, Česko

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hi this is my byf read all of it please!


things abt me :

☆ my name is annabel but if we're friends call me annabel or bel and if you're czech you can call me anča

■☆my sister is @/pisszoned, all the things with ■ in front means you can't say it on my account or around her

■☆you can also call me nat

☆ you can use she/they

☆im czech

☆ i draw I don't have an art account but sometimes I post drawings on kaplanaltman

☆im jewishalf but I do celebrate Christian holidays considering my country is heavily Catholic


don't follow if

♢you're racist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, antisemitist, islamiphobic, etc.

♢ you won't interact w/ me

♢ ask to folkow if you're over 16


please follow if

♡ you're gonna interact w me

♡ you kin/id with teddy altman

♡ we've got mutual friends



Billy kaplan

Erin Hannon

Ed Kennedy