Chara 🌿

Hello! I am ... but you can call me by any of my kin!! I am a demigirl and pansexual! :3 and this is my kin account!


Me - Chara Dreemurr ✨

❗️Note,. I am actually Chara. They are not kin or identity, they are actually me! ❗️

Mains -

Vriska Serket πŸ‡

Akane Owari πŸ“

Ymir πŸ’

Rose Lalonde πŸ‹

Secondary -

Roxy Lalonde πŸ‰

Aradia Megido 🍍

Terezi Pyrope 🍎

Synpaths -

Opal 🍑

Jane Crocker πŸͺ

that's it!! If you kin with my mains or myself please dm me!!

I have a list of comfort characters so I might as well name them

Bertholdt Fubar 🌱

Ava Ire πŸ‚

Frisk 🌼

Kankri Vantas πŸ„

If you kin with them, it means I love you tons !!

My triggers are vomit and irl gore! That's pretty much it.

Please do not follow just to spy,, I know who is...

❗️If I ever post a selfie please dont save them or repost them !❗️

That's it!! Dm me a picture of chara to follow or send the message "hello chara!"

Thank you!! πŸ₯