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At Avaamo, we believe that communication evolved. It’s not just us. Mark Zuckerberg also confirms the same – “we think you should message a business just the way you would message a friend.” How does that happen?

There’s a new-fangled technology taking over the world. It uses Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to communicate like a human would. It doesn’t tire. It doesn’t sleep. It’s called a chatbot. It works in pretty much every industry. There are banking bots, enterprise bots, chatbots for customer service, and much more. And that’s where Avaamo comes in.

Avaamo is a first-of-its-kind enterprise bot that is revolutionizing the way you do business. Consider bots as a service; it can simulate human conversations with multiple customers and provide relevant assistance, ensuring improved customer relations and customer retention. Moreover, given the steady decline in apps, a tailor-made bot can meet customers where they are: on Facebook Messenger, Kik, Skype, Twitter, and other enterprise channels. This simple facility can expand a brand’s reach in the most personal and feasible manner.

With a unique patented technology, Avaamo bots use real-time analytics to deliver relevant business trends; enabling brands to identify what works and what doesn’t. The bots also adhere to federal regulations and international security standards.

Avaamo is founded by a unique group of professionals who have drawn from their experience with leading MNC’s such as Apple, TIBCO, SAP, and Siebel. Avaamo bots are currently used by leading organizations such as Tally, Reliance Commercial Finance, Aircel, Eurpspar, and more. At its core, Avaamo is simply a step towards the future; where technology meets the highest level of customer service and business expertise.

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