Ava Anderson Non Toxic

As founder, CEO and head of product development and testing at Ava Anderson Non Toxic, Ava Anderson brings her passion for entrepreneurship, health and wellness to her work. Launching the company in 2009, 15-year-old Ava saw an opportunity to introduce truly safe personal products to the marketplace and took it. It is her mission to provide safe and effective alternatives that exclude the dangerous chemicals so prevalent in most conventional products on the market today.

After the launch of her business, Ava juggled the usual academic and extracurricular commitments of high school with responsibilities as head of a rapidly growing business. Although it would be a while before she could legally sign checks and contracts on her own, Ava proved far more than just the face of the company. Everyone she worked with quickly understood that it was her heart, mind and vision that drove the company to become what it is today. Behind Ava Anderson Non Toxic, a born entrepreneur was shaking up the industry in dramatic ways.

After high school, Ava moved on to attend Babson College, right outside of Boston. Naturally, she continued to develop the company, expanding into men’s, baby, pet, and home cleaning product lines. Ava Anderson Non Toxic now has over 90 products.

At the same time, her business has evolved as a viable business opportunity for entrepreneurs across the country. Together with her executive team, she has built a network of thousands and thousands of independent Ava Anderson Consultants. This network grows bigger every day and enjoys support from Ava’s experienced corporate management team, dedicated to the success of each sales consultant. Owing to these and other accomplishments, Ava Anderson Non Toxic was recently named 2015’s Coolest College Startup by Inc. Magazine.

An active member of the entrepreneurship community at Babson and elsewhere, Ava funded the Women Innovating Now (WIN) Lab business accelerator in 2014, the first entrepreneurship program exclusively for women at a US university. WIN offers the full spectrum of support and advisory services to young women with early-stage ventures who want to start and grow their businesses. Ava is scheduled to graduate from Babson in spring 2016.