Ava Finn

I'm american by birth but a dreamer by nature. My true homes are Michigan, Stinson Beach, My Grandmother's house, and San Fransisco. I am calmest when I am reading a good book with chocolate chip cookies and milk or reading during a long drives at night and edgiest when people go through my closet or when I am not organized. I believe a world without exchange of goods is unlikely, unless we can control our desire to acquire things. I need foggy beaches, warm showers, and air-conditioned art museums. I need uplifting music, morning hikes, and bus rides to the beach. I need humor more than ego and more creative books than sic-fi movies. I therefore choose to live in San Fransisco, spending my time discovering the halls of libraries and meeting outcasts at deserted/unheard of cafe's.

The meaning of Ava:

I was given the name Ava, because the week before I was born my Great-Grandmother, Eva, passed away. I was named in her memory.

Native American Name: Sleepy Wolf.

I chose the name Sleepy Wolf because I believe it describes my personality well. I am usually a very early, deep sleeper and I like the idea of being a strong, brave wolf.

Favorite List:

-Hobby: Dancing

-Food: Punjabi Burritos

-Song: "Stressed Out" - Twenty-one Pilots

-Recording Artist: Amy Winehouse

-Place: Leland, Michigan

-Movie: Stuck in Love, The goonies

-Quote: "The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go." - Dr. Suess

Perfomance Goal: "I hope I get into a good college for something I enjoy doing."

Process Goals:

1) "Put homework before social life."

2) "Ask questions if I don't understand."

3) "Manage homework schedule."

Poem: New World

"Upside-down trees swingin' free, Busses float and buildings dangle: Now and then it's nice to see The world - from a different angle." -Shell Silverstein

-If I could spend time with any person alive or deceased I would chose my grandmother, Mali Finn.

-If I won a free trip to go anywhere in the world, I would travel to Croatia.

-After high school graduation, I hope to pursue a career in Fashion.