Ava Zdravka Kostantinova Gall

New York, New York

I am a digital graphics artist at a major Auction House by day, enjoying a rare privilege to see closely and study in detail many amazing masterpieces dating from Antiquity to Contemporary art, and by night I am a visual artist, writer, thinker and music lover, never having enough time for all my passions!

I love the large variety of fine arts and media, from Cycladic sculpture, Egyptian frescoes, Fayum portraits, Ancient Greek and Roman sculpture, Indian miniature painting, Buddhist and Tibetan sculpture and thangkas, tribal art sculpture, Byzantine iconographic art, Medieval art, the great Renaissance masters, the 19th C. Romantics, to the Impressionists, Modernists and Contemporary artists, which is only natural for an illustration artist and a painter. My love for the visual arts (photography, art film and architecture included!) is shared by my love of literature, from the great classics in few languages (most familiar with English, French, Russian, German, Spanish and Italian prose and poetry, but also some of the Chinese, Indian and Japanese prose and poetry), the great poetic works of all cultures, and a variety of non-fiction, mainly philosophy and psychology, books on consciousness, cognition and neuroscience, but also physics and astronomy, geology, geography, history and anthropology. I am a passionate lover of opera and classical music, but also jazz and world music traditions, as well as ballet and other dance genres. I love traveling and discovering places, no matter where, that speak to the ancient soul and spirit we all share, and understanding people and cultures in their unique authentic essence.

With all this said, I wish a day would be 48, not 24 hours as one lifetime is not long enough to learn and love all beauty and wisdom humanity has created since the dawn of civilization.