Abby Vaidyanathan

Toronto, ON

Studying History & Political Science at Trinity College, University of Toronto where I also play intamural rugby. I sing South Indian Carnatic, play tenor saxophone and manage a personal portfolio in my free-time. I've loved public speaking and debate my whole life, from my days as the provincial public speaking champion in Grade 6 to placing 2nd at the Canadian Central Novice Championships.

My underlying goal in life is to think innovatively and creatively about the challenges facing society. Whether through social entrepreneurship, policy research or working in Wealth Management I have built a skillset allowing me to problem-solve and execute creatively and on my feet.

From the day I visited my mom's childhood house in Calcutta I realized I could never take the opportunities I've been given in life for granted. As the Community Service Steward at my Upper Canada College, I helped found the high school Race for Dignity, a charity bike-a-thon. That year, with the help of corporate donors we raised over $35,000 towards the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of AIDS in Malawi. Today the Race for Dignity includes over 6 Toronto high schools. In that year our fundraising efforts exceeded all expectations (over $60,000 total) and I received the Barry McKague Community Service Award for my efforts.

My interest in finance developed in a similarly personal vein. Like many Canadians, the Nortel bubble hit my family hard, as did the financial crisis of 2008. I decided then that I wanted to help my parents financially plan for the future. I applied and took on a job as a Junior Policy Analyst at the Ministry of Finance in the summer of 2009, writing research briefs and summaries on municipal finance for the Assistant Deputy Minister. A year later I decided to pursue the Canadian Securities Course- recognized as the industry benchmark in financial training.

Since then I have used my financial expertise and creative energy to found an investment club at my college and serve as Deputy Auditor and Auditor of my College. As Auditor I was responsible for overseeing the spending of our student government (over $100,000).

I strongly believe in experimentation and risk-taking as the only way to self-actualize. I've worked 3 different jobs in 3 summers in areas as part of this process. I do not know what lies ahead. But I will not rest with those cold and timid souls, who know neither victory, nor defeat.

  • Education
    • Upper Canada College (2010), University of Toronto (2014)