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Student, Artist, and Writer in Yeehaw Junction, Florida

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hi im jude/lance and i love to die

im qpps with keith!! i love him so much

im mentally ill + dm me abt it if u rly need 2 know

i use he/him prnouns but any titles of affection work for me

⭐️personality things ⭐️

slytherin / xntj / choleric


i dont know what to call these but dont follow if u think ur them

- lance mcclain (voltron)

- gon freecss (hxh)

- asuka langley soryu (nge)


⭐️ if u want to know more abt me dm me and im sure we could be good friends!

⭐️ dont req to follow if u use slurs u cant reclaim!! holy fuck or are a racist, homophobe, transphobe, truscum, etc.

⭐️ note: don’t vague me ever ever because i’ll know and i’ll get mad and i don’t wanna fight!! 〰 like my posts if u read them!!!