Andreu Vallbona

Palma de Mallorca

From 1993-1995 I qualified Training (administrative and commercial branch, speciality computer). From 1995-1997 I qualified Computer System Administration Professional Training. From October to December 2000 attend the Web application development course taught by the School of Design Via Roma. From May to July 2005 Flash courses during school taught by EDA. From March to April 2008 pursuing the course database access with JDBC and J2EE course, two courses taught by the CAEB. Completed in September 2009 webservices course on SOA Technology Capsule Course taught by Turistec within the CAVAL Project. In January 2012 obtained the Bachelor's degree in Computer System (IT Engineer) by the Open University of Catalonia (UOC), Spain.

In terms of professional experience, I worked from June 1995 to March 2001 as a programmer in Corsoft, a company dedicated to the management software. From April 2001 to June 2003 I worked as an analyst-programmer at RG Global Communications, a company dedicated to the world of advertising, graphic design and internet. From June 2003 until November 2011 working as an analyst-programmer at AT4. From December 2011 until today works as head developer team, analyst-programmer and project manager in

Throughout my career I gained strong knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, XHTML 1.x, CSS 2.x, Javascript, ASP, PHP (versions 4 and 5), Zend Framework 1.x, Redis, Memcache, JQuery, MySQL, PostgreSQL, PLSQL, Flash, AJAX, UML, XML, webservices, W3C web standards, WAI, OOP, database modeling with CASE tools, Git and Subversion. As well as Software life cycle including requirements, analysis and design, implementation, deployment, maintenance, refactoring and documentation.

  • Education
    • Bachelor degree in Computer System (IT Engineer)