Anthony Vandusen

My name is Anthony Vandusen. I was born in Erie, Pennsylvania. The fourth of five children. I did not grow up in a Christian home. There are many more details I am not comfortable sharing publicaly on here, but would love to share personally with anyone who wants to know. Due to unfortunate circumstances regarding my parents, they went there seperate ways and I moved to Hohenwald, Tennessee at the age of eight. As you could imagine, things were difficult growing up with just my mother. There was a immense hole in my heart that I would attempt to fill with so many worldly things. From alcohol at one point to friendships and realationships and everything in between. No matter how hard I tried to fill that place in my heart, it failed. Over and over, and over again. These failures accumaled from when I was eight up until November 10, 2012. It finally reached a breaking point for me. I gave up. I felt unloved. I felt unwanted. I felt abondened. I felt confused. I felt hopeless. I looked everywhere for a filling of my heart but one place... I thank God for the witness of a young lady who examplified Christ in her daily life. She stuck out to me as different than my perceived thought of those "hypocritcal christians." So I took the time to ask her a few questions over Facebook regarding God. She dropped what she was doing and shared with me the Gospel of God and what it meant. I left my house, out of the idea of what my family would think, sat down on the picnic table outside that windy night, and accepted Jesus Christ to have be my Lord and Saviour.

At that moment my heart was filled with this contentment. I felt God speak to me in a way that let me know everything was okay now. I felt His love... I felt His compassion. I felt my heart being filled with God. That hole was filled and it overflowed. That was on a Saturday. The next day I went to church at First Baptist Church in Hohenwald. I got invited to go to a UT game by a man named Mark Whitehead. That was the begining of our discipleship together. I spent the next two years every Monday spending life with him in his home. We studied God's word and he met me where I was and helped me grow to the place I am in my faith now. I can't thank God enough for Mark's obedience to the Great Commision. It was through that, that God blessed me and grew me into who I am. I thank God for each and every place He allowed me to be in to get me here. God is indescrible.