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Avaneesh Upadhyaya

Mechanical Head at SolarMobil Manipal in Mumbai, India

Intuitive, quick learner, witty, hard worker, observant and driven.

Currently in my third year of studying Mechatronics Engineering at Manipal Institute of Technology.

Have always been interested in automobiles and wish to build a career in the automotive industry.

While in Manipal, I have worked on the project SERVe as a part of SolarMobil.Manipal and leading the team for the next project. Working in SolarMobil has given me experience in the designing and manufacturing of a car.

Apart from the normal courses completed in MIT Manipal, I have taken extra courses on Arduino Programming, Automotive Mechanics & Engine Design and Hexapod Bot with certification.

I am also a part of I.E Mechatronics.

  • Work
    • SolarMobil Manipal
  • Education
    • Manipal Institute of Technology