Avaniki Campbell

Every dawg have him day and
every puss have him four o'clock – be patient; you might not be achieving
something as quickly as you like, but your day is coming too. Wah sweet
nanny goat ah go run him belly – be careful of the things that you're
enjoying right now that you know is not good for you, because later on the
'sweetness' might end up hurting you. These are a few of the Jamaican proverbs
that I grew up with. I speak an informal language called patios (mixture of
African language and broken English). My name is Avaniki Campbell. I was born
in Kingston, Jamaica on June 5th, 1988. I am the first child of both parents;
the oldest of two for my mother and the oldest of four for my dad. I was raised by a single parent mother for
most of my life. The last eight years of
my life have been spent travelling and representing my country as an ambassador
in volleyball, both locally and internationally. I was the youngest player to
ever make the senior national volleyball team in Jamaica at the age of 16 years
old. I have held many leadership roles throughout my life whether for an
organization or sporting team at the college and national level. My academic
excellence as always kept me among the top 15% of outstanding students at my
college and university. I graduated from North Carolina Central University with
Honors and a member of the National Political Science Honors society (Pi Sigma

The major events in my life
surround of volleyball, student affairs and NCAA certification. When I am not
in school or working, I am travelling and playing volleyball. I am very involved
with different department around the university campus but I am specifically associated
with the NCCU Athletic department, where I run a book loan program for the
student Athlete which I redesign to make it more effective for the student
athlete. I am also an assistant coach to the NCCU woman's volleyball team. I
also work with the department of residential life where I am the office
assistant to Ms. Chloe Jones: the administrative support specialist in the
department. I have also worked closely with the Centennials Scholars Program (CSP),
where I worked in teams to come up with idea for different programs for future
implementation some of which are being using to date.

My impact on society relates to my
willingness to always share a piece of my o