Abhijit Annaldas

Software Engineer in Hyderabad, India

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I'm a Software Engineer working with Microsoft, Hyderabad for over 7 years with extensive experience of building enterprise scale applications.

I believe in constant learning. I believe, like wholesome diet, the knowledge and learning should be multi-faceted and one can achieve fair level of expertise in more than one field. The synergy of knowledge from multiple fields together helps create a legacy of lasting positive impact after we leave.

I spent good amount of time in learning Machine Learning and I believe I've fair level of expertise on the subject.

I recently found a new madness, and while I'm just scratching the surface of the subject, I already see opportunities to blend power of Machine Learning to create greater value.

I write at abhijitannaldas.com/ml about Machine Learning and everything else at abhijitannaldas.com/learner.

  • Education
    • Masters in Computer Application