avantikaa b


Hi !! My name is Avantikaa...My Mom and Dad named me so for several reasons ...Mom says Avantikaa means "the Princess of Ujjain".I was born on August 21 st 2010 ,Now that I'm 2.4 years old .

I love singing and dancing . I sing almost all English rhymes that my Mom taught me and i love singing the songs from my favorite channel Cbeebies .Also i love singing and dancing for Hindi ,Tamil and Malayalam Songs which I love .I can already count till 12 and can sing Abc..till Z.

Mom says these days I have become more Naughty ..As I keep running around .I feel I'm no more a Toddler now..:) I explore each and everything around me . I love watching My favourite videos like Puss in Boots, Madagascar , Cbeebies etc in Dads laptop .. Since he need his laptop for his office purpose he gifted me a Tablet quite recently... I am just exploring it =D.

My favorite foods are broccoli, peas, bananas, peanut butter ,apple,fish and chicken.

I'm very smart and intelligent , or so my mommy says.