Avantika Goswami

Consultant, Project Manager, and Strategist in New York

I am a sustainability project manager currently living in New York. I am driven by Saskia Sassen's statement that "cities are the center of our environmental future".

I am passionate about strengthening cities to withstand climate risks and improving the quality of life of urban residents by promoting equitable socio-economic goals. I believe in combining a focus on metrics with a deep understanding of the prevailing social systems of the urban environment to enable public and private players to create and track more effective sustainability goals in cities.

Through my Master's program at Columbia University I studied the relationship between urbanization, sustainability and climate resilience, and honed the ability to use quantitative tools such as cost-benefit analysis, GIS analytics, statistical analysis, greenhouse gas accounting and energy audits to evaluate climate risk and propose solutions.

In my spare time, I like 1) reading blogs on urban economics, transportation and energy 2) walking through the city I currently live in, 3) watching old British television shows, and 4) making lists.

As a football (soccer) fan, I have supported Liverpool F.C. since 2006. I enjoy exploring local food culture in diverse neighbourhoods, and am willing to travel pretty far to seek out a great taco. I also love discovering new music across a broad range of alternative genres - currently (Jan 2017) I am listening to a lot of Steve Reich.