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What is "FRP" ?

FRP stands for fibre reinforced plastics, also called fibreglass. Fibreglass is a wonderful medium for making planters as it has good tensile strength, lends itself to myriad shapes & textures & is not at all brittle.

Why buy FRP Pots/ Planters?

A lot of people are realizing that the pots/ planters for their loved (& expensive) plants are not ideal; especially when they have large plants, & also in sophisticated interiors. Terracotta planters & Cement planters are brittle, prone to flaking, need more watering & maintenance & most importantly, are just not suitable/ available as jumbo planters. Plastic planters are, well, too “plastic” & are available in limited shapes & limited sizes only (no jumbo sizes). Brass pots have limited applications & need a lot of care & maintenance. Only Stone planters come close to FRP Planters in the above parameters but they are very heavy, come in only “stone” look & are prohibitively expensive.

FRP planters are the preferred choice, especially for jumbo planters because they are relatively light weight, have a long life, are break & fade resistant, are maintenance free & because they do not absorb water, you need to water your plants less often.