Kz Avant

Hawaii, United States

Just an ordinary piece of paper left on the table is just a masterpiece awaiting the skilled brushstroke of the minds paint... We created a way to circumvent stressors associated with personal & professional Special occasions- creating customized vows, toast, speeches & PR writes. To sum up my story... I take the canvas of a heart and create sheet music for the soul. Living on the islands of Hawaii, I have the privilege of breathing in the extravagance of "aloha" or for the simple Breath of Life & Love. For over 10 yrs, the pen has met the maestro of the heart and turned ordinary into legacy. I'm pretty simple, give me dark chocolate, over done meat, MMA, a coke & smile set to a nice ocean breeze, with a side of books, pen, paper & my thoughts and I'm captivated... Oh I guess I should mention I hold an MBA in International Business, I'm a published author, life coach, mentor, and abuse survivor!