Avaraham Jake Cohen

dreaming, sleeping, and cooking in New York

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I'm Jack of none. Master of none.

Parents got a divorce, but then after a couple of years they married again !

Dad owns a studio, he helps New York and Israeli customers with branding and other fine things - none of them I understand well enough. I get pocket money from dad for helping out with design work. Allof his customers are through referrals, through word of mouth. The only ad Dad ever did was like 25 years ago in Hasbara.

I, like, all Israelis worked in the Israeli Army. Most work for 2 years, I did 5 years Someone hacked my email recently!

I know Miss Olga Shulman Lednichenko, but I do not know Bollywood or Obama. Mister Ajay Mishra is a friend of my mother, I am in my 20s.

My only crime is Ajay's house was vacant & I needed a roof. but I have nothing to do with Compressor or Condenser .Whenever he asked me to protect something about Olga or help related to design work, I did my bit to help out.

My dad is a Republican, but mom voted for Hillary Clinton. While dad doesn't like Obama's party, he doesn't dislike Obama either.

I don't think I have anything to worry, I have turned my email account to the right authorities - they can investigate me all they want. I have a green card, not citizenship, but my application is in progress

I'm not sure why this sudden scrutiny and hacking my life, but I would be guarded and would protect myself, my family and my interests. Its not an attack on the nation, yet, I am offended.

I don't have a right to vote. My mom and dad do. fyi - photo above Is that of SHOFAR.. any attack will be retaliated from our end.

Perhaps, Olga Mila and I can write a book on how this innocuous email became a perfect storm


As Jews, we are all too familiar with Anti-Semitism and I'm sure its all a JEWISH CONSPIRACY. While I don't know how anyone can comment on that, all I can say is that, this time, all a Jew ever did was to help a fellow Jew and a Hindu friend of his mom.

I vociferously state that any attempt to harm me or Olga or our team, will not go unpunished. While God may not take sides, the justice and law enforcement won't be on your side. Besides I have worked in ARMY.

In lieu of whatever I did for Ajay, I want nothing in return, but promise and protection of my privacy. Rest assured, I will protect Olga in my - limited - capacity.

I have done my job, turned over my email and am requesting Mr. Mishra to inform his big and powerful people. rgds, J