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nevy / luchia / usagi || 13 || leo || @xmasgems , @irltubbs and @f.rancisca

》this is my ava's demon fanaccount, but i will post other fandom too. i will not accept anyone, ofc. if you have any problem with nemo , socks or ika do not follow ,,

πŸ’­ my main kins are princess bubblegum , amethyst, misaki mei and taiga ( if you want, you can tag me as them, or double tag πŸ₯ )

πŸ’­ takeo (my love story) and futaba (ao haru ride) are my secondary kins. ( tag me as them as well! )

πŸ’­ i am questioning, Mal ( descendants ) so, i don't mind if you tag me as her!

🍟 i don't mind if you kin with any of these. they are a huge part of me and who i am, but i don't wanna private anyone from kin with them. if it helps you, i am glad! just don't be mad if i tag me as them ( in my pictures ) and say i am them ( on my caps ) but i can see you as them as well 🍟

πŸ’­ im bisexual and taken πŸ’• by nemo!!

πŸ’­ if you are homoFOBIC, sexist, racist or whatever. leave bye !!


🐍 don't see me as my kins

🐍 suicide jokes

🐍 self harm/sex/suicide related pictures, as well as caps

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