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Student in Americana, Brasil

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daisy / 14 yr / leo !!

hello, you can call me daisy! my interests are mainly kpop (especially girl groups) some anime, reading, watching netflix and eating. i also have a thing for watching disney movies (I'M SO EXCITED FOR MOANA YOU HAVE NO IDEA) and yeah i'm also all about pink kawaii pictures and fancams !!

i do not kin, but i love love love love to death this characters and i'm going to cut you in half if you think i don't love them: amethyst, taiga, agatha and tedros (from the book school for good and evil), futaba (ao haru ride), victor, honey senpai, yuno and akise, misaki mei, USAGI TSUKINO, NEVY, L U C H I A N A N A M I, CIEL PHANTOMHIVE and grell !!

also you don't love Hyun Seunghee more thank i do so if you think you do, rethink your life decisions !! :)

don't follow if you are racist, lgbt+phobic, ship incest or pedophilia, disrespect the kin community (except fact kin tbh i find that so insanely weird) or are over twenty years old/aren't a spam account!

if you read this dm me with a picture of usagitsukino/seunghee or the quote "C'MON C'MON C'MON"