VinEEt AvasthEE


I guess...... Analyzing himself can be most difficult piece of writing for anyone coz while writing one will always be influenced by his character and this mixture often seems inadequate for the understanding of original part. Anyway .....i will try my best to write as a free entity. I am a man of many differnt aspects some u observe some u don't.... some i let u observe but some i don't. I m more of a literal kind of guy.i have my own references of right and wrong, i do what seems right to me. At first sight i may not seem friendly to u coz i may be self-centered at times,but still i try my best to be as helping as posssible for my colleagues. As far as my friends are concerned, i do hv some but my list is too short.Coz i thnk respect and fear are the best one can hope for.In my defintion one should only not hv that ego or self-respect type problem with friend but beleive me, it's never the case. It's very unfortunate fact but i guess that thr is only one relation surviving without this agenda which is ....try to know urself. I am thiest and i have firm faith in GOD and i worship Him in all his form the Creator, the Protector & the Destroyer. My family and my friends are all the assets,i hv earned in my whole life.ohhh.. LIFE... isn't it a complicated issue. here is me & my quest of this vulnerable life. I guess ..when prose says mind reads...but when poetry says the heart feels and i want u to feel this issue..... here is my effort: चला था सफर में रूबरू होने ज़िन्दगी से, पर मौत को क़रीब आता देख हैरान हूँ . ये सफर मकाम-ए-जुस्तजू नहीं ये जानता हूँ मैं, पर मैं तनहा हूँ क्यूंकि खुद से अनजान हूँ . एक समंदर हैं बिना साहिल मैं बहता चला जाता हूँ, की बेमंजिल मुसाफिर की बेबशी का निशान हूँ. चला था सफर में .... ये कदम मंजिल के तलबगार ना थे कभी , मैं तो बिना ख्वाहिश इबादत का पैगाम हूँ , बस रश्क होता है मुझे उस बेखौफ उड़ते परवाने से , जो कहता है की दास्ताँ-ए-उल्फत पे कुर्बान हूँ , चला था सफर में .... इन पलकों के शामियाने में अश्कों की इक चिलमन है, ख्वाब सोते हैं सारे मेरे की भारी-भारी सा मन है , मुफिलसी में मारा हुआ ये काफिरों सा जीवन है , फिर भी यादों को गुनगुनाती, लडखडाती जुबां हूँ . चला था सफर में ....

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