Alicia Victoria Broadus

“Alicia Victoria has a commanding presence and a powerful ability to draw others in. She has a keen ability to analyze the competitive landscape. She really shines when given the opportunity to be strategic and tell a compelling story. She is an effective communicator, and exceptional team player, and avid supporter of others.”-Miriam Karpilow, Program Director @Pandora

"Alicia Victoria is highly adept at Business Strategy, Online Marketing, and a true Media Maven. She has business savvy and can assess market data to make meaningful inferences. Most importantly, she knows what to do with those findings to influence awareness and change. She adds precision and passion to her projects - and those elements are what make her work stand out. She is a very well-spoken, elegant, and driven colleague. Whenever she speaks, her exuberance makes you want to listen. Not only does she convey her thoughts eloquently, but she consistently pursues her ideas with vigor. She has a knack for elevating her projects to a higher level and bringing others onto the same page. Alicia Victoria ensures her team is set up to succeed and that her teammates shine. She is a brilliant leader who instinctively knows when to step back, follow, and allow others to pursue their ideas. I am looking forward to following Alicia Victoria's next project because I know that she will leave her mark on whatever she accomplishes." John Matthew Bulalacao, Mechanical Engineer II @ Boeing

"I worked with Alicia Victoria briefly when she was contributing her curated content for Locket. Her contribution was especially important during the time which our app was featured in the google play store and we were getting a lot of new users. She was great to work with and I was especially impressed by her creativity in her work. I would recommend her." Yunha Kim, CEO & Founder of Locket, Inc.

* Interests:

Disruptive Innovation

Social Entrepreneurship

Content Strategy and New Media

Community and Network Operations