Aveek Banerjee

Hi, this is Aveek.I am a chemical engineer and I am currently working as a Project Management professional in the engineering industry in India. I don't have hobbies instead I have areas of interest. Currently I am deeply into English music,mostly soft rock and contemporaries. I love to explore my surroundings which includes both spatial as well as intellectual. Needless to say, I love travelling.No wonder I am an avid biker and am waiting for the day when I would venture into some real long cross-country biking trips. For the intellectual part, I love inspirational talks and movies of the same genre. Comedies are a strict yes-yes for me! Last but not the least, I believe in myself bigtime and I am extremely optimistic..I love to work hard and party harder. And yes..I love to make friends.:)

  • Work
    • Cryogenic Nitrogen Plants!
  • Education
    • Chemical Engineering-Jadavpur University