Gaëlle Gernigon & Pierre Granjon

Volunteer in Stege, Danemark

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Hi !

We are Gaëlle and Pierre, a young French couple of 23 and 25.

We left in September for a one year trip across Scandinavia (Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway) while discovering people, cultures, landscapes … on our way. Volunteering is for us a very good opportunity because it enables us to know more different jobs and meet people.

Gaëlle is studying education in order to become a teacher. She is very sensitive to the animal cause and she is involved in a local association for environmental projects.

Pierre is a material engineer with some experience in packaging design and material recycling. He refuses to throw things away and tries to give a second life to everything, he loves DIY, wood-working and bread baking and photography.

Our shared passion : cooking ! We love to cook everything we can, so much that we try to prepare most of our food by ourselves with local and organic ingredients.

We both speak English, with a good knowledge of Spanish and German.

We currently live in a city and we would like to discover a more nature-based way of life, based on manual work, that fits our values better. We are looking for ideas and solutions to improve our daily life, mostly to be able to do things by ourselves.

What we look for ? Vegetables growing, brewing, beekeeping, breeding, wood working, alternative education, animal care … are all topics that passionate us and about which we would like to learn more.

What we can share and where we can help ? Anything you will need help for will be okay for us ! We already have some knowledge in gardening, DIY, cooking, child education, product repairing, animal care … we have a lot of ideas on how to live greener, zero-waste, and everything that could help reduce our environmental footprint. And of course not forgetting our good mood and the will to learn and share :)

Have a look at our website, an interactive map of our trip (link at the top of the page) and our Facebook page below.

See you soon

Pierre & Gaëlle