Average Doesn't Cut It

Hey there,

So I'm the writer behind the 'Average Doesn't Cut It' blog. This page is just so that you guys can find out just a tad about me personally, emphasis on the 'tad' :P
I'm pretty much sold on not sharing photos of my face and my name or where i'm from just yet, but oneday someday I will :D haha
I guess I don't want to have everything out there all at one instant, but rather have it something for you guys to figure out/learn as I begin to write up more and more posts, and open up.

SO, here goes.

I am of the female species
I have just turned 17 this year (2014)
Heading towards my last year in school starting September
Kinda obsessed with cats or anything feline for that matter
Favourite colour is navy blue
Yay high
Created my blog so I can express myself freely and easily
Usually savoury over sweets but food all the way nonetheless

***More to come! I just can't think of any more right now lol.