Average Jade

Strangely inquisitive, or extremely stupid, I challenge logic, ethics and boredom. Im a fairly average teenager who doesn't know what she wants to be in life, Im on the stepping stone to adulthood but would rather stay young.

Fairly down to Earth, a little bit fiery at times and posses an attention span that is far too short. I live and breath the concept of the grass is greener on the other side and enjoy activities that are unnecessary far too much - while avoiding obligations. I couldn't live without my computer, technology, the internet, the list goes on! truly a 'Y' gen baby and a bit of a whiz manipulating the internet among other things. Ironically, I wish I spent more time outdoors and had more motivation to wake up early in the morning, I would like to be more sociable but people are so bothersome.

Things I give the thumbs up to.

* Charitable acts

* Quality service

* Charlesworth nuts

* Raisin toast

* Wholesome stuff

* Dinner dates

* Spontaneity

Thumbs down to

* Fat cats

* Flakyness

* Uncomfortable furniture

* Food sitting in the friedge for too long