Ajit Verghese

I am an entrepreneur and have spent my career in working with media and technology and have played in both the startup and enterprise space across different roles and different scales.

I am a Swiss Army Knife - I find creative ways to solve problems and create value despite constraints. I'm a product guy, a marketing guy, a sales guy, a design guy, a consultant guy, a strategy guy, a biz dev guy, a music guy - whatever-needs-to-get-done-to-advance-an organization guy:

I am currently the cofounder of GoodEatsFor.Me, a customer engagement platform for the hospitality industry. I also consult for small and big brands and organizations - most recently as a strategy consultant with The Dachis Group in Social Business Design.

I think organizational behavior and change management are the basis for all business.I believe technology can be a transformative tool to create goodness, that entrepreneurship can happen anywhere, and that we walk in strange times but our future success is contingent on our collective creativity and willingness to take big risks today.

We can be derivative, but we should be creative and innovative as I think we need to work our way out of this hole we're in. Despite the bleakness, I believe that the opportunity is tremendous!