Avery H. Ling


I travel, making hotels my focal point, more so than the destination. I live, breathe and seek all things that makes Hospitality live up to its name and nothing beats the satisfaction seeing satisfied guests.

My business is to make hotel operations shine and to train the people to be Hospitality Ninjas. What does that mean? To empower & ignite the passion in hotel employees towards executing flawless guest service stealthily & to ensure a smooth back of the house operations at all times.

Hospitality is NOT customer service. It's a LIFESTYLE, a PASSION.

When I'm not out there meeting guests in hotels or business clients; or bonding over a training session, the effectively tri-lingual Indonesian-Chinese in me is always on the hunt for good food & drinks to be shared with great company or globetrotting to look for great coffee / tea houses with a history or awesome stories to share. (please drop me a note if you know of a good one!)

Oh, and if you are a foodie, we're also in the business of specialty / exotic wellness foods!