Avery Horton

Student in San Antonio, Texas

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I am currently a senior at Clark High School in San Antonio, trying to balance school work, a personal life and sanity. It's harder than you'd think.

I try to golf as much as I can in hopes of working on the limited skills I currently have. But trust me when I say juggling golf, school and life is difficult. When I get to play by myself I calm down, I finally get to breathe. Which is the complete opposite when I play competitively for my school. I have to shut down my mind and focus. You can't possibly play a sport with all the voices in your mind going haywire. Golf teaches me to breathe and to quiet those pesky voices in my head.

I enjoy reading. Fiction, non-fiction, poetry, whatever I can get my hands on. I love fiction though, there are amazing and crazy stories that I've read in the short time I've been alive. I love that people can put whatever goes on in their head on paper and it becomes a beautiful creation.

I have an odd infatuation with mental disorders, to put it simply. They amaze me in the sense that we don't know how they work and probably never will. Almost everything has an explaination to it but this is the one topic that doesn't. It's fascinating to me to hear that someone has schizophrenia and hears voices other than their own. Try and tell me their isn't a reason and I'll politely laugh in your face. There's got to be more than "it's a chemical imbalance." Start a discussion that has to do with any of these three topics and you probably couldn't get me to stop.

Be careful.