Lauren Johnson

Graduate Advisor, Coach, motivate, and Event Planner in San Francisco, California

A very stylish girl living in SF with an odd sense of humor but a great sense of style. Being a California native, I welcome all newcomers to the Golden State. I work in Higher Education, so I am always in a constant state of osmosis. I smile at strangers and children and my heart beats faster when I see doggies. I mentor, volunteer, and socialize in SF. My arms are always open if you ever need a hug. I re-read books all the time and I also re-watch movies that move me to tears. I work with clay and sculpt, I create some pretty hideously pretty pieces for fun. I take French lessons all the time and still I am not fluent (DARN IT). I will play my violin at some point in my life and make actual music. I love Art, Science and anything to do with Space or SciFi. (I met a real NASA astronaut...geek moment) I have a Bachelors in Social Science, and a Masters in Human Resources Management which has allotted me a number of opportunities to learn and implement techniques for a great working environment.

My next working opportunity will be working in a great HR/People Operations or Culture Operations environment. I am a bright, energetic, and educated individual looking to improve, develop new processes. I have dedicated over 10 years of working in Education but, I can definitely apply those skills to any organizational culture. I work part time at a Pilates Studio and I have enjoyed working on my customers service skills. I am an independent thinker, with a can do attitude. I am an individual who can solve problems while being pliable,in addition to moving quickly by thinking strategically. My ability to function through chaos is amazing, which is the essential in working in any organization.

I have enjoyed my time so far and hope for more time to become the person I am supposed to be until, I am no longer needed.

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