Avery Tags

With Avery tags, identifying and marking objects is easy and convenient. Metal Rim Marking tags have a reinforced, non-tarnish metal rim to withstand heavy use. Metal Rim Key tags can be used to identify your keys and come in White or Colored cardstock. In addition, Marking Tags can be used to indicate prices and other features. They have a knotted white twine which can be easily removed or attached. Sold Tags and Jewelry Tags can be used for all business-related needs, whether you are running a business or identifying objects for sale. When selling products, keep track of inventory with Avery Inventory Tags. They come with a handy layer of carbon paper. For mailing needs, make sure your packages arrive safely without error using Shipping Tags. They guarantee your shipping information will stay put. Check out Avery shipping tags, or you can browse all shipping tags. Repair Tags come preprinted with spaces for important information, to keep track of products which need repair. Whatever your tagging needs, Avery tags has you covered!
How to use a tag

Use a tag to help make it easier to track your inventory. You can keep track of prices, what's been sold, inventory, and more with these handy tags. Each tag features a detachable top sheet and a layer of carbon paper so keep the completed tag attached to the item and file a copy away. Save on Avery tags at Shoplet.