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Good morning, afernoon or evening,
Thank you for reading this and for your consideration to help further the development of the AVFS; a fuel system that enables/causes an internal combustion engine to operate on vapors; thereby reducing the emissions up to 70% and reducing the amount of fuel needed. It is my initial determination to follow through with the importance of being able to obtain energy that will drastically reduce the demand for paying the power companies most all people, as well as businesses, are doing in order to enjoy the benefits of having electricity. Contact information that was/is on original postings is being updated also. Establishing some pages on Google, Facebook, this site and wherever details about the AVFS and ability to bring freedom from the “grid” for as many people and businesses as possible is a goal also.
Being out of commission for the past five years due to a wrongful/illegal conviction/sentence has resulted in a drastic setback. A garage or access to a place for doing any further development of the AVFS is unavailable at this time, but will hopefully come to a prompt end so I will be able to start getting the results that WILL follow when presenting the difference the AVFS makes when adapted to an engine operating generators. There are pictures of different applications able to be seen when:--- John Weston AVFS --- is typed into any search engine. Those pictures establish research I am still needing to do in regard to different size, dimensions, etc. before continuing with one particular unit package of the AVFS. It is my determination to give a fourfold return on any amount of asistance in obtaining a motorhome large enough to tow midsize enclosed trailer to be used as garage, which will provide safe place to live/work/travel while continuing the development of the AVFS.

I will look forward to hearing from those who are interested and willing to assist in this endeavor.

John Weston 765 377-0628

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