Avgo Kanaki

Artist and Art Director in Elefsina

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What’s up, I’m Auguste. I’m a self-taught comic artist and illustrator living in Elefsina. I started my adventures in comics in 2015 and it’s been a blast. In 2017, Greta’s Grimoire was published in Greece by Jemma Press, followed by Bestiary. Current projects are Equidistance for Nerdula Creative Lab and issue #3 of Digenes for Jemma Press alongside Dennis Yatras. I am a fan of all sorts of art and I really love getting inspired by other comic artists, illustrators and tattoo artists. In the same vain, I’m an avid consumer of horror movies and I try to play as many videogames as I possibly can from my ever-growing wishlist, which also informs my approach to art. As such, I very much enjoy experimenting with my personal lineart and coloring style as much as deadlines allow. Last but certainly not least, I’m also a sucker for street fashion and historical clothing.