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Avi A

On the crust of the Earth

I'm a SERIOUS Video Gamer and am big on the tech department.Online, I play Club Penguin, CPYS, Pengable and will play Mech Mice when it arrives next February. I'm awesome, as it ends with me. I'm a pro guitarist and an intermediate coder. I also make awesome graphics. I'm always working on some awesome projects (right now a secret CPPS, building a cost effective computer and writing a book). In my spare time I manage my blog at, post under Tech and Funny Stuff on Interest Buzz and various other sites and tweet (a lot), follow me @iRealAvi. I loooove music, specifically Punk Rock like Greenday (A few friends and I are trying to open a band, me the guitarist obviously) and mixes, I'm also trying to make a mix myself. I blog at

I guess that's all.