Avian Bell

Director and Chief Executive Officer in Sandton, South Africa

Avian Bell

Director and Chief Executive Officer in Sandton, South Africa

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Avian Bell, A.K.A "The psychologist & lawyer" back in his school days.

Professional & Personal Life:

- At the age of 13, Avian started his own company, Avian Technologies.

- He currently works at a medical company, Quantumed as a Director & simultaneously he runs Avian Technologies.

- Avian is a self-motivated individual and lives his life by goals.

- He is a family oriented person but loves socialising with his friends.

- He is respected and looked up to by his friends, family, colleagues & is a motivator to individuals he meets.

- Avian has failed many times trying to succeed, however, he has accomplished his goals he set himself for success too.

- He is a responsible, trustworthy, honest and respectful individual.

- Avian has a quote which he created over two years ago which he says sums him up well: "My Hard Work Is Fuelled By My Addiction To Succeed" - © Avian Bell

- Avian explains to us what his quote means:

"My Hard Work" - I'm a hard worker no matter how difficult the task is at hand.

"Fuelled" - This is a hidden meaning and a play in the meaning. The first meaning is by working hard this is my energy, my drive or "fuel" which is the play on meaning with my passion for cars and cars need fuel in order to work.

"Addiction To Succeed" - Success to me is like an addiction, I can never get enough. This is why the quote has "Succeed" and not "Success". Success to me is "I've accomplished a goal and that's that" whereas "Succeed" to me means I may have had success at one thing but I can now focus on being successful at another, basically I will never have complete success which drives me to always succeed at everything I do.

  • Work
    • Avian Technologies South Africa
  • Education
    • Bryanston High School
    • Bryneven Primary School
    • Paulshof Pre-Primary School