Grovetown, GA

She may only be 23, but it has always been this way. From the beginning she’s always been talented and ambitious. Raised during the 90s in the Bronx, she was surrounded by good music. She was definitely influenced. A little bit of Pop, R&B and Hip-hop, she wanted to be apart of it. She started small, by joining her school's choir and imitating her favorite artist with her friends. From there her mother encouraged her to build on her writing skills and try her hand at songwriting as well. That was the start of everything that brings her here, to this very moment.

“This is who I am, this is my life. I want people to feel good when they hear my music, I want them to hear something different. Art has no rules, and we should embrace that. Let’s bring back that love for real art.”

  • Work
    • Entrepreneur
  • Education
    • Full Sail University
    • Bachelor
    • Music Business