Aviareps AG

AVIAREPS was founded in Germany in 1994 with the aim of meeting the growing demands of the aviation and tourism representation market. While airlines dominated our radar screen in the beginning, what we quickly learned was that other segments of the tourism industry, such as tourist boards, hotel chains, cruise lines, car rentals, airports and attractions, were also looking for the thorough market intelligence and extensive market access we provide. In contrast to all other global competitors, AVIAREPS established a worldwide network of self-owned offices that currently numbers 30, thus guaranteeing a maximum of financial stability and flexibility for our customers, especially in terms of global market approach. Today the AVIAREPS Group is the world's leading tourism and airline management company with approx. 80 airlines and 90 tourism accounts in its portfolio. In addition to its core businesses, passenger sales and tourism marketing, clients can also choose from the successful company divisions public relations, advertising, IT solutions and financial services.