Avi brimstone

to be a little girl in such a big world may not be easy, but nobody's forcing me on my knees, without a violent fight. I'm 158cm small and my biggest passion is Art, no matter what kind of Art. (drawing, photographie, music, writing, etc.. ) And that's where I'm also good in. My best feature is my ability to talk. I am good at convincing others to do the right thing, but I would never use this skill, for my own sake! Of course I do sometimes make mistakes, like everyone else, but, I'm a good Person. From the bottom of my heart. No matter who says what. I know myself, best.

I really believe in God, Ghosts, Karma, and other stuff like this, and that's the reason why I'm always trying to do the right thing. And should I make the wrong decision, I know, I will be helped by fate. Unless, I deserve what comes next. SO, what goes around, comes around.And that's what u always get.