Avi Chaudhuri

Montreal, Canada

In his current position as senior director of Kezzler AS, Dr. Avijit (Avi) Chaudhuri develops and implements strategies for eliminating counterfeit drugs on the global market. His initiatives on behalf of Kezzler have created greater awareness of the problems being faced by consumers and included developing new initiatives for the elimination of counterfeit drugs.

Avi Chaudhuri’s track record in science and education demonstrates a lifelong commitment to the advancement of knowledge. He received is PhD in neuroscience from the University of California, Berkeley and then undertook postdoctoral studies at The Salk Institute for Biological Studies, before joining McGill University as a faculty member.

Avi Chaudhuri has published widely in international peer-reviewed scientific journals and is the author of a highly-acclaimed textbook on sensory science published by Oxford University Press.

  • Work
    • Senior Directer at Kezzler
  • Education
    • PhD From University of CA