Avigail Berg-panitz

Consultant, Therapist, and Writer in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

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Hi I'm Avigail Berg-Panitz - a social & wellness entrepreneur, and the owner of the start-up - The Sound Well Corp- applying harmonic low sound frequencies as a wellness platform - effective to reduce pain, stress, insomnia & anxiety. It boosts vitality, mind clarity and bodymind balance with no chemicals involved.

Our goal is to have strategic business and finance partners to enable American people & worldwide, apply Vibroacoustic Therapy to improve life quality , body mind balance, increase performance, and manifest creativity at work , at home, in schools and in the communities .WE ARE THE NEXT BIG THING IN WELLNESS.

Check our focused "Wellness On Demand, Demand Wellness"website

My background in hi-tech and as a therapist enables me to offer a new wellness paradigm at work that focus on teamwork, creativity, multidisciplinary dialogue , self help tools, effective communication and project management.

Please view our new workshops site and and a website to uplift positive atmosphere in your environment.

On a personal level, please contact me to learn and dialogue. i can help you clear "negative mind clouds" .

Last but not least, I am an expert in training linkedin and WIX and teach how to use them as powerful business and personal

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    • www.avigailwellness.com
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    • MA Lesley University
    • Hebrew University of Jerusalem