Avi Green

Writer in Israel

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Hi, I’m Avi. I’m a writer living in Israel. I am a fan of comic books, classic television, movies, arts, and occasionally video games. I’m also interested in music and writing. I was born in Pennsylvania in 1974 and moved to Israel in 1983 when I was almost 9 years old. My career today is as an assistant librarian. I run blogs like The Four Color Media Monitor, The Comic Book Discrimination Dossiers and Tel-Chai Nation. I also built some comics fansites like Hawkfan, The Greatest Thing on Earth, The Co-Stars Primer, The Outer Observatory and Earth's Mightiest Heroines. And I'm proud of my efforts, which were for the most part a labor of love. I do my best to inform the public about what's gone wrong with once excellent mediums as they got taken over by politics and sensationalism, and it'll make me really happy if more people want to emulate some of the approaches I've taken, if it helps to make this a better world.

I've also built a film site, Cinema Capsule Cavalcade, a puzzle game site, Puzzle Paradise, and even opened a food blog, Food Diner, because I do like delicious meals and watching movies on occasion, along with playing famous puzzle games like Tetris. I also have a small site for fanfiction I wrote. Someday, I'd like to be a professional writer, but I realize that could take time and practice. But who knows, maybe someday, I'll make it there.