Avil Xie

When I am small, I have a lots of dream. Sometime I want become like my mother. Just at home clear home and teach my child.

Now I still have a dream, but it's be different to when I am small. Now I want good stay. Than I can go to good school.

In future I want to be doctor because doctor can get lots of money. And if I can choose, I want to American to be doctor because If can to American It's very nice and I can learn more things. So I want to American learn things.

In future l think l will find a small dog. Although maybe someone think doctor like clear so do not have a pet but l like small dog very much. So l will find a small dog. It is very quit. I like quite everythings.

And I will find a good man. We can have a baby. I want one boy and one girl. Everyone think girl is very nice and boy when he grow up he can take care of our and he sister.

I will not let my children work to doctor but if they like l will not care. I am very extracting. I think my children very like me.