Avi Oktavia

Jakarta - Indonesia

◇ A little-nerdy-complicated-weird thinker ◇ I think a lot but I don't say much.

Calm & Stiff.

a big Dreamer.

Born at October 3rd, 1997.

Internet Kid. Multifandom.

Married to MUSIC <3

a proud LOVATIC & SONE <3

Other fandoms >> Swifties, Directioner, Mixers, Exostan.

I love harry potter.

Emma Watson is my role model.

I <3 Kendall Jenner.

I like simple fashion.

Have a lot interest in art & music.

I love painting, writing, listening to music, singing, dancing, and design.

Shinichi Kudo's (dream) girlfie.


Fanytastic, Taegangers, & Seomates.

Wufan, Park Dobi, & Byun Bacon biased.

Novels and Fanfiction is my life.

Big Goal >> University of Cambridge.

London & Paris my fav city.

Always wanna be a multi-language speakers.

I adore Jackie Evancho and all of her blessed talents.

Current obsession >> The Wanted & Ariana Grande.

I love Cimorelli!

I've always be in love with Classical Music.

I love Classical Crossover & Opera.

Had a big crush on Piano & Guitar.

Prefer Science to Math.

Currently in trouble --> MATH -_-

I love cooking.

Burger, Pizza, and Fries Mania.

........I don't know the else. Will be updating later.

Seeya. Bye! ^^