Alex Villabón

I started working as a VFX | 3D Artist back in 2006. I've worked as a digital compositor and 3D artist on a couple films and worked on tons of TV spots for brands such as Pepsi, Gatorade, Master Card, MLB, Listerine.... I've also been a motion capture operator at WATTO Post for the last 3 years where we did some very fun mocap sessions!

I graduated from Miami Dade College in 2005 and moved to Los Angeles to continue my studies at Gnomon School of Visual Effects. I've been blogging about maya and some of the tricks and techniques I use while on the job since 2009 and at the beggining of 2011 I started a Maya podcast GreenSODA tv.

More recently, I decided to leave my job at WATTOpost Studio to work on a few personal projects as well as start an internet company which is now in the works. I still do freelance 3D, VFX and Graphic Design work so feel free to contact me!