Ayan Villafuerte

Manila, Philippines

He is a lover of photography and the Arts in general. A culinary arts graduate, certified cook & foodie, film & music junkie, a traveler at heart and an all-around photography enthusiast.

His affair with images and stills started some years ago. It went perfectly well with his love and thirst for travel and adventure. At first, he thought it would serve well as remembrances of places he visited; culture/traditions he experienced and people he encountered. Little did he know that it would turn to something bigger and completely alter his life plans.

Ansel Adams said that the most important part of a camera is the twelve inches behind it.

The Reluctant Photographer may still be skeptical in this new chosen path but one thing is for sure- his heart and love-affair with photographs will carry on. In the same breath with adventure and life in general.

He is a street photographer above all.

*i like to learn the rules but i don't necessarily follow them.