Angela Vimuttinan

Editor and Transcriber in Santa Ana, California

As an editor, I specialize in enhancing your writing so that you sound like a more self-assured version of yourself. This is the kind of writing you would produce on a day when you've been able to style your hair perfectly with very little fuss and the weather is just how you like it. Growing up bilingual gave me an early appreciation of how people use language to communicate. In college, I paired my love of reading and writing with my interest in learning about people by double majoring in history and art history and taking on a joint minor in ancient religions and classical languages. My significant other majored in linguistics and has lived all over the world, so between the two of us we have many nerdy conversations about various words and languages.

When editing a given work, I take both copyediting and proofreading into consideration. My rate is $5 per 250 words ($0.02 per word) or $25 per hour. I am also open to being paid per project.

My expertise is US English, but I can work in UK English as well. I am well versed in CMOS, MLA, and APA. Alternatively, I can follow an in-house style guide as long as you provide it. I have working knowledge of AP Style.

You can send me an excerpt of your work (consisting of no more than 1,000 words) for a free sample edit. Work less than 1,000 words long does not qualify for a sample edit, but the same rate of $5 per 250 words applies.

As a transcriber, I've got a keen ear and can make out a variety of accents in English. My standard rate is $60 per audio hour of good-quality audio.

Please e-mail me or use the Blogger button below to find out more about my services. You can find client reviews on Kibin and Freelancer. I am also a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association.

Happy writing!

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