Avi Naider

Avi Naider, Chairman and CEO of ACES Risk Management Corporation, or ARMCO, has positioned the company as a leading resource in mortgage regulation, compliance, and quality control. Recognizing a need for this type of solution more than 15 years ago, ARMCO created the ACES (Automated Compliance and Evaluation System) platform to help financial institutions successfully navigate a maze of regulatory considerations. With lenders and buyers scrambling to meet new government standards, Avi Naider has taken ACES WEB to the next level.

Avi Naider and ARMCO transformed the original ACES program into an accessible, web-based platform that uses an SAS 70 Type II data center coupled with transaction-based pricing. ACES WEB eliminates compliance shortfalls for lending institutions of all sizes. It is leveraged by some of the world’s largest banks as well as by small retail lenders, who use the system not only to ensure compliance and verify information like income, assets, and credit, but also to relieve overtaxed information technology departments struggling to keep up with the rapidly shifting regulatory environment.

Avi Naider’s success at ACES Risk Management Corporation is largely due to his education and experience. He received his Bachelor’s Degree from Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, where he was a member of the Phi Beta Kappa honor society. He also served as a Strategy Consultant for The Boston Consulting Group, a private equity investor and the leader of an internet advertising firm.