Avinash Das


I was born and brought up in Orissa. I was educated there for over 10 years (up to 10th ). Then I continued my education in ZINC SMELTER SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL, Visakhapatnam. Now, I am pursuing my B.Tech in Information Technology in a small historical town Parlakhemundi in Gajapati district of Orissa. I am well skilled in Martial Art, Gardening, Painting, Digital Art, Operating System designing, Software Engineering, Computer Security, Networking and Information System Design . I am passionate about any Project/Job assigned to me. I love being loyal and honest to self and Friends. My hobbies are travelling, Swimming, Flying, Profiling. Now a days I am practicing Survival Skills from a TV show Born to Survive by Bear Grylls. I am basically a fun loving guy and love to live in harmony.